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4 September, 2008

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3 September, 2008

the picture’s flickering, but I can still make it out

2 September, 2008  Tagged , ,

Here’s a picture of Bathurst TAFE that’s been altered using an open source photo manipulation program (the GIMP) to change it into a circular panorama. After creating planet TAFE I uploaded it to flickr and made it into the image you see here using the bighugelabs poster maker.

You can see a bigger version by clicking on the image above, or by visiting the original on flickr

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2 September, 2008

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1 September, 2008

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31 August, 2008

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30 August, 2008

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28 August, 2008

week2, thing #3 – keeping up with the joneses

27 August, 2008  Tagged ,

I figure that since I’m making all my mentees write a blog for our 23 things project I should practice a little of what I preach, so I’ll put the odd post here on this old edublogs blog

I even made an avatar on the simpson’s movie site

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21 August, 2008